Maltese - Poodle - Senior - Female
Adoptable Small Mix Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

Holly is a very sweet tiny 7 year old maltipoo looking for someone to love her again. Her previous owners just let her get out and never came looking for her. Holly’s teeth were all rotten and her hair badly matted and she wandered the streets until animal control found her. She waited patiently for her owners but they never came. Well we Couldn’t let her stay there any longer so we pulled her out of the shelter, had a vet check out her teeth which ended up being pulled. Gave her a day at a doggy spa and she is a new dog, happy and ready for a new life. Holly prefers not to have small children around as they just scare her to death. She would be happiest with a retired person who wants a loving companion. To request information on how to adopt little Miss Holly, please view her profile from the following AdoptaPet.com list.