Poodle - Terrier - Adult - Female
Adoptable Small

Flurry is a 6 year old Poodle/terrier mix. She is short and compact, and is a healthy, happy 8 pound little girl. Flurry has a very soft white fur that is hypoallergenic and non-shedding. She has short little legs and she trots around very busily, investigating everything around her. Flurry is loving and friendly and seems able to adjust to his surroundings. She was a victim of pet overpopulation-brought into a very overcrowded shelter where she was subsequently placed on the euthanasia list due to lack of space. Flurry is eager to please and smart. She loves to go for walks and should fit into pretty much any household except one with children under 6 years old. She just needs someone to show her what love and loyalty are all about and we re sure she would be thrilled to return the favor.

Come meet our dogs Saturdays and Sundays at Petsmart in Costa Mesa from 11:30-2:30. All A Home 4 Ever Rescue dogs receive a wellness exam by our veterinarian and are up to date with vaccinations. They are spayed or neutered and microchipped before they go to their adoptive families.

1/13/18 10:39 AM