How You Can Help

21 Ways to Help A Home 4 Ever Rescue

  1. Donate money (collect your change for a week or a month and donate that)
  2. Donate a dog bed or Towels or other “bedding” type Items.
  3. Donate a leash
  4. Donate a collar
  5. Donate some treats
  6. Pay for a dog grooming
  7. Donate a gift certificate to a pet store
  8. Donate flea medication
  9. Donate a canine first aid kit
  10. Pay the boarding fees to board a dog for a week
  11.  Bake some homemade dog Biscuits
  12. Make your internet Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile a portion comes to the rescue
  13. Post some of our rescue pictures on your FB page
  14. Have a yard sale and donate the money to rescue
  15. Donate the cost of a spay/neuter for one dog.
  16. Use your video camera to film a rescue dog in action
  17. Offer to test a rescue dog with cats (of course, you would have to have cats)
  18. Share your artistic talents to our rescue’s newsletter, fundraising ideas, t-shirt designs
  19. Pay for an ad in the local paper to help place rescue dogs
  20. Provide post-adoption follow up calls
  21. Organize and hold a bake sale at an adoption event